Stages of Change offers you a unique opportunity to learn the skills and understanding required to assist your clients in making lifestyle changes.

at stages of change our training courses are different because they are interactive, evidence based and delivered by a highly qualified and experienced behaviour change specialist. 

After completing our training you will be able to assist your clients in making the lifestyle changes that will help them achieve all of their health and fitness goals.

When you consider the average client is worth £3,000 to £5,000 per annum the return on investment from these workshops is substantial.

Motivational interviewing online workshop

The motivational interviewing (MI) online workshop teaches trainers/coaches how to assist their clients in making a behaviour change. The skills learnt during this workshop have a number of applications that are crucial to a successful training/coaching business. Client recruitment will be increased as it is easier for the client to see why they need to work with a trainer/coach. Client retention is enhanced as trainers/coaches are able to readily spot when a client’s motivation is starting to flag. Client successes are increased thus reflecting favourably on the business.

psychometric testing workshop

The psychometric testing workshop teaches trainers/coaches how to use psychometric testing to measure a client’s readiness to change. These tests can be used for initial client assessment to see if they are ready to change. If they are not, then using the skills learnt on the MI workshop the trainer/coach can help the client move to a point where they are ready to change. The tests can also be used throughout the training cycle to assess how successful the programme is from a psychological perspective. This will improve client retention as you can spot when something in your programme is not quite working. You can now intervene to ensure the client stays in programme.

one to one consultation

The one to one consultation with Dr. Mendoza is designed for the client who has struggled with lifestyle change in the past. The combination of psychometric testing and subsequent discussion of your results will put you on the path to achieving lifestyle changes that have eluded you in the past.

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